Cloud 66

Database onetime import

Import data from one stack to another with ease


About one-time database imports

One-time database imports allow you to easily transfer your database from one stack to another, using MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis databases.

To use this feature, you will need two stacks with the same database type - one is the source and the other is the target for the data migration. This process will import the latest available managed backup from your source stack, replacing the contents of your target with the backup. We recommend that you backup your target database before running this.

Using one-time database imports

On your stack detail page, visit your database server group (eg. MySQL server) and click the name of your main database server. In the right sidebar, click Database Import, which will display a list of available source stacks.

Select the stack you want to use as a source and click Import, which will start the data import from your source to the target.


You need Control stack access rights to see the One-time data import icon. Additionally, you will only see source stacks that you have Stack administrator rights to.