Alterant CLI

Using Alterant CLI

Using Alterant CLI is easy. You can pass in the input file as a JSON or YAML file or pipe it into Alterant. Output can be produced in JSON or YAML or displayed on the screen.



Shows the alterant version

$ alterant version

Alterant 0.0.1
(c) 2018 Cloud66 Inc.


Runs a modifier over the input.

alterant modify --in input.yml --out output.yml --modifier foo.js

To display the output on terminal, omit the out flag.

To accept input from the pipe (stdin), use - for the in flag:

alterant modify --in - --modifier foo.js

To show the difference between the input and the modified output, you can use the --diff flag:

alterant modify --in input.yml --out output.txt --modifier foo.js --diff

This saves the diff file in output.txt

If you would like to display full stack traces and console output, you can use the --debug flag:

alterant modify --in input.json --modifier foo.js --debug


Modifier scripts support console.log (but not all normal Javascript console methods). You can use console.log just as you would in any Javascript file for debug purposes. You will need to run the CLI with the --debug flag to see the console output.