Toolbelt tunnel command


Tunnel command

This command opens an SSH tunnel from your local machine to a remote server on the given ports. It does this by first opening the firewall for SSH from your IP address temporarily (20 minutes), downloads your SSH key if you don't have it and opens an SSH tunnel.


$ cx tunnel -s <stack> --server <server name>|<server ip>|<server role> --remote <remote port> --local <local port>


At least one of the optional server parameters are necessary in order to identify which server to run the command on.

Also, you need to specify at least the `remote` port. If `local` is missing, `remote + 1` will be used as `local`. For example, `--remote 3306` without `local` will use `3307` as `local`.

Parameter Default Description
stack Name of the stack
server Specify a server
server name (optional) Name of the server to access
server ip (optional) IP of the server to access
server role (optional) Role of the server to access (eg. web)
remote Remote port for the tunnel
local (optional) Local port for the tunnel. If not specified, remote + 1 is used.


$ cx tunnel -s "My Awesome App" --server mysql --remote 3306 --local 13306

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