What is Copper

Copper is a configuration validator for Kubernetes by Cloud 66.

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Why do I need Copper?

We built Copper to achieve 2 main goals:

  1. Let developers make changes to Kubernetes configuration files as needed instead of restricting what they can do with another layer of APIs on top. Make sure all configuration files applied to the Kubernetes clusters are tested and adhere to the relevant infrastructure policies.

In short, we thought if infrastructure as code is the right way to go, then we need to apply the same principles we use for code to infrastructure configuration as well.

If you use systems like Kubernetes, commit configuration files into a code repository and want to rest peacefully at night knowing your configurations are always tested, then you need Copper.

What to validate with Kubernetes configuration files?

These are some of the things we check in our configuration files committed into our git repository:

For us these checks are like unit tests: they are there to make sure changes are made with confidence and human or machine errors are mitigated. Obviously these are not security measures and should be developed and treated exactly like your CI code tests.

How do I use Copper?

You can use Copper as a command line or docker image, integrating it with you CI/CD or as a library in your own code.

A Basic Example

This is a very simple Kubernetes configuration file. We have saved it as deploy.yml:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Deployment
namespace: foobar
name: foo
    - name: mysql
        image: index.docker.io/library/mysql:6.5.0

As this configuration file is changed, we want to make sure the image tag for MySQL is never set to latest.

To do this, we use Copper’s simple DSL to check the configuration validation:

rule NoLatest ensure {  // use of latest as image tag is not allowed
  .contains("latest") == false

Save this file as my_rules.cop and run Copper CLI:

$ copper check --rules my_rules.cop --file deploy.yml

Here is what you will see:

Validating part 0
noLatest - PASS

Can I use Copper for configuration files other than Kubernetes?

Absolutely! While Copper DSL has features that are very useful for Kubernetes configuration file validation, like IP Address parsing or build-in Semantic Version support for Docker images, there is nothing specific in Copper that’s locked in to Kubernetes. Currently Copper supports YAML configuration files, but adding new types like JSON or Toml is very easy.

Who are you?

Copper is an open source project developed and used by Cloud 66. It is distributed under MPL 2.0 license.