Cloud 66 101

How to claim your free $500 credit from Vultr.


Vultr and Cloud 66 are partnering to offer new customers free credits - $500 on Vultr and $250 on Cloud 66.


This offer only applies to customers who are:

  • New customers of Vultr (who are not already in a free trial)
  • New customers of Cloud 66

Free Credits

You can use your free Vultr credit and other usage discounts with Cloud 66 and benefit from $750 of free credits by deploying to Vultr from Cloud 66.

Vultr CreditCloud 66 Credit
  • The Vultr credits expire 30 days after activation
  • Cloud 66 credits expire 3 months after activation

How to claim your free credits

Step 1: Sign up for a Vultr account

Sign up for an account at Vultr and enter the following code: 500CLOUD6623 to claim your free Vultr credits.

Step 2: Connect Cloud 66 to your Vultr account

You can automatically provision and deploy to Vultr servers in any data centre via Cloud 66. You need to add your Vultr API key to your Cloud 66 account in order to integrate them. To generate a Vultr API key:

  1. Click on your account dropdown (top right) and select API
  2. Enable API access (if it’s not enabled already)
  3. Update the Access Control list to allow access from “Any IPv4” and “Any IPv6”. If you would prefer to restrict access, you will need to add each of Cloud 66’s authorized IP addresses individually.
  4. Copy your new Vultr API key - it will be used in Step 3 below

Step 3: Deploy your app with Cloud 66

You’re now ready to deploy your application with Cloud 66. To do this, follow our getting started guide and you’ll be up and running in under 5 mins.

Step 4: Claim your Cloud 66 credits

Once you have deployed your application, email us at to claim your $250 in free Cloud 66 credits and we will apply them to your account.

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