Scaling GlusterFS clusters

Does not apply to manual installations

This guide assumes that you have installed GlusterFS via Cloud 66's native tools (dashboard or manifest). If you have configured the service manually then this will not apply.

You can scale your GlusterFS clusters (up or down) using the Cloud 66 dashboard:

  1. Open the application from your Dashboard
  2. Click on Data Sources in the left-hand nav
  3. Click on the name of the GludterFS cluster you wish to scale
  4. Click the green + Add Server to scale up.

When you are scaling up, Cloud 66 will add servers to your cluster based on replica_count(i.e if your replica_count is 2, the number of servers could be 2,4,6...).

After Server deployment is finished, Cloud 66 will create new bricks for current volumes and add them to GlusterFS cluster.

When you are scaling down, Cloud 66 will remove the server (and all related servers which scaled up with this server) and remove their bricks for current volumes from GlusterFS Cluster

Configure GlusterFS replica count

You can specify replica_count when you configure GlusterFS. If you are using a manifest to add GlusterFS, you can add replica_count to your manifest.yml.

Replica count cannot be changed

You cannot change replica_count after GlusterFS has been added to your application.

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