You can use Cloud 66 to provision and deploy your code to servers in any Rackspace region.


If you hold a Rackspace UK account, you will be limited to creating servers in the London region. Only a Rackspace US account is able to create servers in the remaining regions.

Generate a Rackspace API key

You need to provide your Rackspace API key in order for Cloud 66 to access your account. To generate a key, access the Account dropdown in the top right of your Rackspace account, and go to the User Management page.

Once there, click Create a new user, and fill in the necessary details for this new user. This user must be created with Full Access in order for servers to be created in your account.

Once you click Create user, you will be able to view the API Key by clicking Show.

Add Rackspace key to an application

Visit the Cloud 66 Dashboard and select Get started building an application. After connecting to your Git repository and analyzing your code, you will be asked to Add your cloud platform. From this menu, select Rackspace and provide your API key.


If you delete your application from Cloud 66, your servers will not be deleted on your cloud provider unless the physical server deletion setting is turned on.