Installing Cloud 66 Toolbelt

Configuring Toolbelt


  1. Download the cx executable to a directory in your PATH
  2. Initialize it by running cx stacks list
  3. Authenticate using your browser

For more detailed help on installation please refer to our Getting Started guide.

Installing on a server (headless)

To install Toolbelt on a server (without a browser):

  1. Install and authenticate cx on your local machine (see above)
  2. Log into your server via your terminal and move to the .cloud66 directory (under home)
  3. Create a file named cx.json in that folder
  4. Go to the terminal on your local machine, where you already have Toolbelt authorised and execute cx dump-token, which will give you your authorisation token
  5. Copy this token and paste it into the (remote) cx.json file that you created in Step 3
  6. Save the file and then run cx stacks list on the server to confirm that Toolbelt is initialised

Multi-account support

Toolbelt supports user with multiple Cloud 66 accounts via profiles. Please read our separate guide for more details.

Running Toolbelt inside a Docker container

You can run the Cloud 66 Toolbelt inside a Docker container, although this is not officially supported. To run CX in Docker follow this guide.