Multi-Account Support for Toolbelt


You can configure your Toolbelt to work with multiple Cloud 66 accounts and/or organizations using configuration profiles.

Configuration profile commands

config create

Creates a new configuration profile

$ cx config create <name> [--org <org name>]

config use

Switches to using the named configuration profile.

$ cx config use <name>

config rename

Renames an existing configuration profile.

$ cx config rename <old name> <new name>

config delete

Delete a configuration profile.

$ cx config delete <name>

config list

Lists all your configuration profiles.

$ cx config list

config show

Show the details for a profile

$ cx config show <name>

config update

Set a configuration profile to point to an organization.

cx config update NAME [--org <org name>]

Setting up a profile:

  1. Run cx config create <name> where <name> is your chosen profile name
  2. Run cx config use <name> to switch to the new profile and initialize it by running cx stacks list
  3. Authenticate using your browser (be sure to log into the correct account)

For more detailed help on installation please refer to our Getting Started guide.

You always have a default profile which cannot be deleted or renamed.

Switching between profiles

To switch between profiles, use cx config use <name>

All commands from that point onwards will run against the <name> profile. This is persisted between different terminal sessions until it’s changed.

Setting Profile per command

If you would like to run a command with a different profile other than the current profile, you can use the --profile argument with all commands:

cx --profile NAME stacks list

Using profiles with organizations

When you create a profile you can specify the organization to which this new profile should be linked. For example:

cx config create hobby --org my_private_sandbox

…will create a profile named “hobby” that is linked to a Cloud 66 organization named “my_private_sandbox”.

If you’re unsure about the name of an organization you can run the cx info command and looking at the Name field. You can also see this by logging into your Dashboard, visiting Account Settings and clicking on Organisations in the Account panel on the left.