Using the Logentries Add-in

About using Logentries

Logentries is a great service for centralizing your log files, and this add-in makes it easy to add across your servers.

Add Logentries to your application

To add Logentries, access the add-ins menu of your application and click Logentries.

We’ll ask you for your Logentries account key - if you don’t have one, you can signup to a Logentries account.

You can find your Logentries account ID in your account page. For more information, please see the Logentries guide to how find the account key.


No Logs or Logs are empty in Logentries

If your log files (make sure they exist on the server) are not showing up in your Logentries account or they are empty, try to SCAN FOR NEW LOGS. In order to do that you will need to: