You can use Cloud 66 to provision and deploy your code to servers in any Linode region.

Private networking is automatically enabled for all servers deployed by Cloud 66. This means that servers can communicate freely between each other on the same network without counting towards bandwidth costs.

Generate a personal access token

You need to generate a personal access token for your Linode account to grant Cloud 66 access. To do this:

  1. Log into Linode Cloud Manager
  2. Click on your username at the top of the screen and select My Profile.
  3. Click API Tokens and then Add a Personal Access Token
  4. Give the token a label and set its expiry to Never
  5. Set the access rights for the token to a minimum of:
    Account: Read-only
    Domains: Read/Write
    Kubernetes: Read/Write
    Linodes: Read/Write
    NodeBalancers: Read/Write
    Volumes: Read/Write
  6. Click Create Token and then copy the personal access token.


The personal access token won't be displayed by Linode again, so store it somewhere secure.

Linode has more detailed instructions if you need them.

Add a personal access token to a new application

  1. Log into your Cloud 66 Dashboard and click New Application.
  2. Connect your Git repository and analyzing your code,
  3. Click Add Cloud
  4. Select Linode, add your personal access token and click Add Cloud
  5. Choose a server region and sizes and then complete the deployment process

Update an existing personal access token

  1. Log into Cloud 66 as account owner
  2. Open the Cloud Keys page under Settings.
  3. Click on the “edit cloud” button next to your Linode cloud key
  4. Enter the new personal access token and click Save


If you delete your application from Cloud 66, your servers will not be deleted on your cloud provider unless the physical server deletion setting is turned on.