You can automatically provision and deploy to OVHcloud servers in any supported location via Cloud 66. To enable this, follow the steps below:

Integrating OVH with Cloud 66

We use Project IDs to access to your cloud resources on OVHcloud. To enable Cloud 66 to manage your servers you need to:

  1. Create a new Project using your OVHcloud dashboard (or open an existing one)
  2. Open the Project and click on Private Network (in the left nav) and then Create a vRack
  3. Choose New vRack and then click Create (wait for the vRack to be set up before moving on).
  4. Copy the Project ID (at the top left, just below your project’s name
  5. Log into your Cloud 66 dashboard and go to Account SettingsCloud Keys.
  6. Click the green + and then select OVH as your cloud platform. Give your key a name, choose your region, paste in your Project ID and then click Add Cloud.
  7. You will be taken to a sign-in page on the OVH site where you can confirm the required permissions and then log in to authenticate Cloud 66’s access to your Project.
  8. Once you’ve authenticated successfully you will be taken back to Cloud 66. You can now begin deploying to OVH.

Using multiple keys with OVH

If you need your servers to be separated for different applications, you should create a separate Project in your OVHcloud account, and then add it to Cloud 66 as a separate cloud key. Be sure to name your keys to make them easy to recognise and differentiate (use the Project name, for example).

You will be able to choose between cloud keys (and therefore between your OVH Projects) whenever you create a new application. However you cannot use a cloud key from a different Project once an application has been created. It will always use the Project that it was assigned to during initial setup.