Manage your applications via Slack

Cloud 66 ChatOps

Igor is an open source Slack-bot, built by Cloud 66. It is your very own personal assistant that operates on your applications directly from the Slack chat window. Now, you can display the state of your applications, perform deployments, and cancel them with simple commands like list , deploy, and cancel.

Quick install:

Create a Slack bot

First thing you will need to do is to create your ChatOps bot on Slack.

Once you have filled the registration page you can invite your bot to any slack channels from your team you want : /invite @bot-name.

Download Igor

You need to install the Igor app using the docker-compose file. Build this into a container and deploy it alongside your existing application(s).


Go to the registration page from the Browse of your Igor registration container and then click on deregister. You will have to restart your Igor container for the changes to take place.

For more information on how to use Igor:

Please go to :