Migrate your stacks across data centers

Do you want to move your stack from one cloud vendor or region to another? Follow the steps below for a seamless transition between stacks.

  1. Reduce the TTL of your DNS to 5 minutes, and leave it for 24 hours so that it has time to propagate the network.
  2. Clone your source stack and deploy it to the new datacenter. This will save any environment variables you had configured on the source stack.
  3. Use our database replication between stacks feature to setup your target stack as a database slave, which means that any changes to your source stack database will be replicated across to the target stack until you switch it off.
  4. Use our one-time database import feature to migrate your data across. When you’re happy with this new stack, simply switch your DNS over to it. As the TTL is 5 minutes (set earlier), it should take effect quickly. If you followed step 3a above, switch the target database from being a slave to a master (as outlined in the database replication between stacks documentation).