Setting up Account Notifications

About receiving account notifications

You can control when and how you would like to receive notifications from Cloud 66. There is a range of events that trigger notifications, which can be sent as emails, Hipchat, via iOS push, Slack or Webhooks.

Viewing your account notifications

Account notifications can be accessed from your Account page, under the Settings menu and feature notifications for events such as failed payments and third party applications being granted access to your account.

Setting up your notification types

Browser notifications

Browser notifications use HTML5 to notify you of your selected events directly in supported browsers. Once enabled, your browser will ask your permission for these notifications to be shown.


Email notifications are enabled by default for all users. By default, you will get an email for a number of events, with the exception of account suspended notifications. You can easily turn email notifications on or off for each type by clicking on the email icon.


Hipchat is a hosted realtime chat service by Atlassian, and you can link your account to Cloud 66 to receive notifications on Hipchat.

From the Hipchat Account settings menu, click API access, and then the link for API version 1. Once on the API v1 page, create an API token. By selecting the Hipchat icon on the account notifications page, you can add this token and select which room you would like your notifications to appear in.


Download the Cloud 66 iOS application to get iOS push notifications on your phone.


Slack is a real-time messaging, archiving and search application developed by Tiny Speck.

Visit the Slack Integrations page and select the Cloud 66 integration. Choose the channel you would like to receive notifications in (or create a new one), and click Add Cloud 66 Integration. You will then receive a URL, which you can provide in Cloud 66 integration modal.


The Webhooks standard uses HTTP POST to connect different systems, and is very simple to use but very powerful.

All notification types from Cloud 66 can trigger a webhook. To setup your webhook, click on the Webhook icon. There you can enter the URL for your webhook endpoint and test it to see how it behaves.

Each event type has its own payload that is sent to the endpoint via HTTP POST. The payload is the same as the one used with the API with two additional fields: timestamp and event_type:

Attribute Description
timestamp Epoch timestamp of when the event was sent
event_type Type of the event, see below

The following event types are available:

Event Type Description
account.provision.ok. Account provisioned succesfully Account provision failed
account.redeploy.ok Account redeployed succesfully Account redeploy failed
server.stopped Server heartbeat stopped
server.backon Sever heartbeat restored Job run failed
job.backon Job run succeeded (after fail)
process.down Process is down
app.auth App authorized to access the account
app.deauth App deauthorized from accessing the account Account redeployment hook failed
account.deploy.started Account deployment started