Logging & tracking support requests


Our support ticketing system is integrated into the Cloud 66 Dashboard, and allows you to log new support tickets, and to check on the status of existing tickets. In addition, when you log a new ticket we run an availability check against your endpoints to provide additional insights into the issue you’re raising.

Logging a new support issue

To log an issue, just click on the Support link in the header bar of your Dashboard. We will ask you for some details about your issue.

Once you have submitted a support request we will email you with the details of your ticket, and we will then communicate with you via that email thread for the rest of the support process. You can check the status of your tickets via the Dashboard (see below).

Checking the status of a ticket

Our main channel for communicating about support issues is the email thread created when you submit your original request. However you can also see a summary of the last 10 tickets logged from your account.

To see the status of these tickets, click on Support in the header bar and then click the Support Ticket Tracker tab. This will give you a summary of each ticket.

If you have accidentally deleted or lost track of a support request, please log a new request but include details of your previous request.