Getting started with Skycap

Skycap is a Container Delivery Pipeline. You can use Skycap to automatically turn your source code into container (Docker) images, manage your Kubernetes configuration files and deploy your applications to any Kubernetes cluster.

What you’ll need

Before you start, please check you have the following:

Skycap Build Pipelines

Build pipelines are composed of a number of individual services that are used to make up your application. Services can include source code that you need to build into images, or pre-built images. You can mix and match these if required.

Lets Get Started

New users should click start trial for the Skycap product. If you're already using Cloud 66 just click New Stack → Skycap (Build containers) button on the dashboard.

New users

Your first Skycap build pipeline

Existing users

Start a new Skycap build pipeline

Adding Services

Adding services to a Skycap build pipeline

Specifying the source of your images

Specifying the source of your service

The Where is your service Image dropdown provides you with three options to specify the source of your services.

Once you've finished adding your services click the Build button.

Building images with BuildGrid

BuildGrid is the Cloud 66 service that's used to build container images from your source code.

During the build process you can view the status of each individual build. You can also drill down into the logs if you need to troubleshoot any part of the process.

Adding services to a Skycap build pipeline

Advanced features

All of the information that defines how services are built is accessible in the service.yml file. Switching to advanced provides full access to this configuration and you can edit the file directly. This gives you great flexibility if you need to setup advanced features.

Deploying your Containers

Once you've built your images and you're ready to deploy your app, check out Getting started with Maestro.