Cloud 66 account protection


Your data, infrastructure and code security is of utmost importance to us. We continuously monitor and audit our entire system for security and invite all security experts to share their concerns and options with us regarding Cloud 66 security and how we can do better.

With the ultimate goal of protecting your infrastructure, data and code we can't stop at securing Cloud 66 itself. If your Cloud 66 account is compromised because of a shared password or a stolen computer you are still in danger and we certainly don't want that. That's why we have Cloud 66 Account Protection.

What is Cloud 66 Account Protection?

To reduce the probability of a security compromise we actively monitor your account activity (logins, logouts, 2 factor authentication attempts, page visit behavior and other measures) and look for anomalies like strange page visit patterns, concurrent or quick logins from different countries or a sudden change in an account's browser and computer attributes.

If any of those anomalies are detected we will send the account owner an email with the details of those issues. Account owners have the option of acknowledging the alert (which will teach our system this as an accepted pattern) or raising it as a possible security breach on your side.

Account protection alerts

Once an account activity anomaly is detected, an email is sent to the main account owner's registered email address. At this point the account owner has two options:

  1. Accept the alert as a known behavior and improve Account Protection's algorithm.
  2. Raise it as a possible security breach.

If an alert is raised as a breach, all of the users within that account will be logged out and blocked from accessing the account, including the main account owner.

You will then need to contact Cloud 66 Support and we will work with you to review the situation and will unlock your account when you are comfortable the issue has been resolved.

Setting up Account Notifications