Cloud 66 Beta program


If you'd like to get early access to our latest features, you can join our Beta programme. You can join in literally seconds, and also opt-out at a later date if you'd prefer to only use our mainstream features.

Heads up

We really do mean "Beta" - so please take care. These features have (of course) always been tested before we release them to our Beta community, but they are not in widespread use as yet. Our Beta users are a vital part of helping us to learn which new features add the most value to our customers, and which need further improvement. So please treat them with some extra care and attention.

Joining the Beta programme

To add your account to the Beta programme:

  • Log into your Cloud 66 Dashboard
  • Click your account avatar (top-right) and then Account Settings
  • Check the box next to Beta Programme in the Your Account panel.

That's it - you will now be able to see and make use of our latest features!

Reporting issues

If you think a feature in Beta could be improved, please reach out to us via our normal support channels (see below) and please be sure to mention you're using a beta feature. It really helps to have that context.