Custom Rails servers

Using Passenger Enterprise

Passenger is an open-source, popular multi-language (Ruby, Python, Node) web & app server which can integrate into Apache and Nginx. Cloud 66 offers enterprise customers the ability to deploy applications with Passenger Enterprise, which has several key benefits:

  • Rolling restarts
  • Concurrency and multi-threading
  • Deployment error resistance
  • Mass deployment
  • Live IRB console
  • Resource control and limiting
  • Ruby debugger support

See the Passenger Enterprise website for more information about benefits.

Deploy with Passenger Enterprise

We require two simple steps to deploy with Passenger Enterprise:

  1. Place your passenger-enterprise-license file into your .cloud66 folder, which in turn is located in the root of your repository.

  2. Add a PASSENGER_ENTERPRISE_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN environment variable which contains the value of your Passenger Enterprise download token.

If both these conditions are met, any Passenger-based server is deployed with the Enterprise edition installed. Ensure that Passenger Enterprise is displayed in the About your app section of your analysis before deploying.

Updating your license key

If you need to update or change your license key for any reason (e.g. to license a server that was deployed using the trial version of Passenger Enterprise), then you will need to:

  1. Copy the new passenger-enterprise-license file into the .cloud66 folder (overwriting any existing file)
  2. Commit and push your code to your repository
  3. In your app Dashboard, click DeployDeploy with Options
  4. Check the Apply Security Upgrades box.
  5. Click Run Now to deploy

Only install Enterprise on new servers

We recommend that you choose Passenger Enterprise as your web server at the time of initial build of the application. If you already have an application, please scale up to a new application server and scale down the old one to add Passenger Enterprise.

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