Using deployment profiles

What are deployment profiles?

Deployment profiles enable you to customise the deployment process depending on the situation. For example, you may only want to deploy your front-end servers, and leave your databases undisturbed. Rather than manually setting this up each time you need it, you can save it as a profile.

Cloud 66 has divided the deployment process into two separate operations, Build and Publish. The build operation builds the code into a docker image, the publish operation pushes the image to your servers.

Option for deployments

Build / Publish Services

Under this section, you can see all your services are listed. You can choose one or both of the following operations for each service.

  • Build: Builds the code into a docker image.
  • Publish: Push the built image to servers.

Deployment strategy

Calling a deployment profile via a redeployment hook

Redeployment hooks allow you to initiate a deployment simply by calling a URI. These hooks can be combined with deployment profiles to completely automate the deployment pipeline. Read our how-to guide on redeployment hooks for details on how to achieve this.

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