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Connecting to Docker image registries

Connecting to public registries

For public Docker Hub images, use the following URL format:


If you are using for your image registry, you will use the following URL format:<namespace>/<image_name>:<tag>

Connecting to private registries

You can use private registries to pull Docker images into Cloud 66, but they must first be connected to your account. (If you are hosting an image in Google Container Registry or Google Artifact Registry, please see the section below.)

  1. Open your Dashboard
  2. Click on your account avatar (top-right) and select Account Settings
  3. Click External Services in the Settings panel
  4. Click the Image Registries tab
  5. Click on ADD A PROVIDER or click on + if you already have one and want to add a second one.
  6. Fill in the details for your registry and click Save

Once your registry is connected, you can use the same URL format as above to pull images into Cloud 66.

Connecting to Google image registries

Google Container Registry (GCR) has been deprecated and its authentication service is currently unreliable. We strongly recommend transitioning to Google Artifact Registry (GAR).

To connect a GAR account to your Cloud 66 account:

  1. Create a service account in Google Cloud
  2. Grant the service account Artifact Registry Reader permission
  3. Open the service account from the Google console, go to the "keys" tab and create a key. This will download a JSON file to your local machine.
  4. Generate your Docker password by running the following command against the JSON file you just downloaded: cat JSON_FILE | base64
  5. Take note of your Docker username: _json_key_base64
  6. Take note of your Docker URL. It will be in the format
  7. Use the above username / password / URL combination to add the registry credentials to your Cloud 66 account (see section above)

If you would prefer to continue using GCR, you can follow these instructions. At the time of writing the JSON authentication method was buggy and so we cannot recommend it.

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