Cloud 66 101

Using Global Search


Global Search is a powerful tool accessible from anywhere in your Cloud 66 Dashboard. It searches across all your applications, servers, services, containers and more across your entire account.

You can type any word or phrase in the search bar at the top of each page to start your search. By default this will search the following:

  • Applications
  • Servers
  • Services
  • Containers
  • Firewall Rules
  • Environment Variables
  • Deployments

All queries can be a full or partial string. So both awesome and awes will find all entities with awesome somewhere.

You can narrow the search down with the "advanced search syntax". The general search syntax is key:value. This means you can run queries like this:


Global search supports the generic search directives:

  • tag Search the tags
  • type Search by type. Valid values are stack, server, service, container, firewall, 'environment' and 'deployment'

Each specific type might have some specific directives.

Application directives

  • name Search the application name
  • env Search the application environment

Server directives

  • name Search the server name
  • address Search server's IP address or DNS name
  • vid Search the cloud provider (vendor's) ID for the VM

Service directives

  • name Search the service name

Firewall directives

Firewalls can be searched only by their tags.

Container directives

  • service Search containers by service name
  • id Search container by Docker UID
  • address Search by Docker or ContainerNet container IP addresses
  • image Search by the image name used by the container
  • server Search by the name of the server running containers

Environment Variables

  • key Search environment variables by their key

Deployment Variables

  • deployed_by Name of the person triggering this deployment
  • git_hash Git hash used in this deployment
  • git_ref Git ref used in this deployment

Complex queries

You can always combine queries to narrow your search down. Some examples are below:

  • type:server type:stack returns all servers and applications under your currently selected account
  • env:production tag:active returns all production applications tagged with active
  • lion type:firewall type:server name:bigcustomer returns everything within servers and firewall rules of any entity with a name of bigcustomer that has lion in it.
Editing, cloning & deleting apps