Choosing a deployment strategy


Whenever you update your application code, you can adjust two aspects of the way it is updated:

  1. How the updated code is pushed to your servers (the deployment strategy)
  2. How the updated version is shown to customers (the rollout strategy)

This guide is concerned with the first aspect - how the new code gets to your servers.

If you need help with the second aspect - how the new version of your application is presented to your customers - please read our separate guide to rollout strategies.

Types of deployment strategies

Changing your application's deployment strategy

There are three ways to set a deployment strategy for an app:

  1. Using the Dashboard and selecting "Deploy with options"
  2. Creating a deployment profile that defines a strategy
  3. Setting deployment strategy using Cloud 66 Toolbelt

Using "Deploy with options"

You can trigger a deployment that uses any of the three strategies by clicking the Deploy button on your application page and choosing Deploy with Options. This will allow you to choose between the three strategies.

This will only apply to the current deployment - it does not change the default deployment strategy for your app.

Deployment strategies require multiple web servers

You won't be given the option to choose a deployment strategy unless you have multiple servers.

Using a deployment profile

Deployment profiles allow you to customise how your app will be deployed, including the deployment strategy it should use.

To create a profile:

  1. From your app dashboard, click on the green Deploy button and then the Create New Profile link.
  2. Name the profile
  3. Choose a deployment strategy
  4. Choose which components will be deployed (optional)
  5. Define upgrade settings (optional)
  6. Save the profile

To deploy using a profile:

  1. From your app dashboard, click on the green Deploy button
  2. Click on the name of the profile you'd like to use for this deployment

For more information on deployment profiles, please read our reference guide.

Using the Toolbelt (command line)

Using the deployment timeline