Custom Rails servers

Using custom Rack servers


By default, applications deployed by Cloud 66 run on Phusion Passenger behind Nginx. You can also choose to use one of several servers:

It's vital to distinguish between these Rack-based application (or "web app") servers and Nginx which acts as the public web front-end for Cloud 66 applications. We usually refer to Nginx as our "web server", but it performs a different task to the Rack-based app servers described in this doc.

Migrating between application servers

You can change freely between supported servers by simply updating your Gems and Procfile.

Configuring a custom Rack server

If you would like to use a different server, there are some points you'd need to consider for it to work with a Cloud 66 application. These conventions will allow Cloud 66 to redirect traffic to your servers and manage them for availability, memory consumption and restart cycles.

Traffic Socket

For the traffic to be redirected to your web app server, it should use a Unix socket at /tmp/web_server.sock

PID file

For the web app server to be managed and restarted properly by Cloud 66, it needs to have it's PID file at /tmp/

What’s next?

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