What is ActiveProtect™?

All applications deployed with Cloud 66 are automatically protected against denial of service and brute-force attacks. ActiveProtect also notifies you if important config files (such as /etc/hosts) are modified.

ActiveProtect™ interface

The ActiveProtect page shows a list of current and past attacks (in the last 24 hours) with information about the source and destination.

To reach the page:

  1. Open the application from your Dashboard
  2. Click on the ActiveProtect tab above the main panel

Configuring ActiveProtect™

ActiveProtect is intended to be fully automated, but there are some cases where you can modify its behaviour.

SSH soft blocking

Servers deployed with Cloud 66 only allow incoming SSH traffic from known IP addresses. To protect against brute-force SSH attacks, the servers are also configured to only accept SSH keys and not passwords. However, it is possible that user configurations result in vulnerabilities, and for such cases, repeated SSH login attempts are detected and blocked for at least 10 minutes.

Advanced firewall rules