Managing log files


When Cloud 66 provisions servers, we automatically configure logging for various services. There are several logs available for different server components. Depending on the specifics of your application, log names and directories may vary. The information below is for a typical case.

Other log directories

  • Auth requests, Fail2Ban: /var/log
  • Nginx access and errors: /opt/nginx/logs

Log rotation

Your logs in $STACK_PATH/log and /var/log are automatically rotated on a daily basis and by default kept for 14 days into a sub-directory called archive in each respective directory. These logs are compressed, and can be uncompressed with the following command: gzip -d <log_file>.log.gz.

Configuring log rotation

You can set the frequency and the number of rotations to be kept using the Cloud 66 Toolbelt.

Application Health Checks