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Adding a cloud provider


You can add a cloud provider account to Cloud 66 in one of two ways:

  1. During initial app set up (Click the New Application button to get started)
  2. Via Account Settings

To add a cloud account via Account Settings:

  1. Click on your avatar (top right) and select Account Settings
  2. Click on Cloud Platforms in the Settings panel (on the left)
  3. Click the + Add Cloud button
  4. Add the cloud account details to the drawer that opens from the left
  5. Click Add Cloud

Follow the instructions for your prefered cloud provider below to grant Cloud 66 access to your account.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)


Digital Ocean

Google Cloud (GCE)

Hetzner Cloud




Packet has been acquired by Equinix and renamed Equinix Metal. As such Cloud 66 no longer supports Packet for new customers, and does not currently support Equinix Metal.


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