Using build profiles

Build Profiles allow you to customise how the services inside your application are built when Snapshots are triggered. This is useful for more complex applications with many different components.

What you’ll need

Before you start, please check you have the following:

Sample project

In this example we’re using the same simple "hello world" project that we used in our Getting Started guides and our other tutorials.

Create a build profile

In this example (from the Hello World + Auther application) we’re assuming that the Auther sidecar is stable and rarely needs to be rebuilt.

To create a build profile:

  1. Open your Cloud 66 dashboard and click on the name of the application in question.
  2. Click on Snapshots in the left-hand nav
  3. Click on then Profiles tab at the top of the Timeline panel
  4. Click the New Profile button
  5. Give your build profile a name (e.g no sidecar)
  6. Deselect the service(s) you wish to exclude from this build profile and hit Save Profile.

Now whenever you create a new Snapshot for this application, you will be able to use this build profile to build only the images you want to change. Simply click on the green Snapshot button and select the build profile in question.

What’s next?