Sets and applies the value of a setting to an application.

Available settings

allowed.web.sourcenil i.e. addresses that are allowed to access a stacks web servers (with IP addresses in the command or a CSV file with IP addresses as input)
asset.prefixnilIf you change your default Rails assets folder, you can set it here
continuous.deployfalseEnable or disable continuous deployment on Github. custom build command. Only applies to Sinatra or Padrino stacks
custom.deploy.command-Set custom deploy command. Only applies to Sinatra or Padrino stacks
db.check.backup.sizetrueEnable/Disable Check free space before taking backup
git.branch-Change the Git branch of the application repository
git.repository-Change the Git repository URL application specific log files accepted value: hourly  daily  weekly  monthly number of log files to keep for each logfile
logrotate.server.frequencydailyFor server specific log files accepted values: hourly  daily  weekly monthly
logrotate.server.keep.count14The number of log files to keep for each logfile
maintenance.modefalseEnable or disable maintenance mode on the application.
reconfigure.nginxtrueIf set to true, it will regenerate Nginx configuration and restart it (only on the next deployment)
run.deploy.commandtrueEnable or disable option run deploy command on every deployment ("database migrations" for Rails stacks).
stack.nameView your application name