Opens an SSH tunnel between your local machine and the remote server on a specific port. This is useful when connecting to remote databases or other services using local tools.

tunnel does the following:

  1. Opens a lease in port 22 for your local IP address
  2. Fetches your SSH key from your Cloud 66 account
  3. Starts an SSH tunnel between your machine and the server on the given ports
  4. Closes the tunnel when you exit the Toolbelt (Ctrl-C)

If a role is specified the command will connect to the first server with that role.

To specify the ports for the tunnel, use --local and --remote arguments. For example, if you need to connect to a MySQL server, you can use 3307 locally and 3306 (MySQL port on the server) as the remote port. Once the tunnel is established, you can use your favourite MySQL client to connect to the server on and the local port (3307 in this case).

If a local port is not specified, cx will use "remote + 1" as a convention for the local port. For example, if you only specify --remote 5432 without explicitly specifying local, cx will use 5433 as the local port.

This command is only supported on Linux and OS X (for Windows you can run this in a virtual machine if necessary)