What is Build Grid?


This documentation set has been merged with the Maestro Version 2 documentation and is officially deprecated. These pages will be redirected to their equivalents in that doc set within the next few weeks.

What is BuildGrid?

BuildGrid is a Cloud 66 for Docker feature. It is a hosted Docker image building service to build Docker images directly from your git code repository.

How to use BuildGrid?

To use BuildGrid include the Git repository URL and Git branch of your source code in your service.yml:

    git_url: git@github.com:pkallberg/node-js-app.git
    git_branch: master

This is all you need to trigger automatic building of my_service Docker image on BuildGrid. With this service.yml BuildGrid will clone your code repository before deployment and will look for a Dockerfile in your code. It will then run a docker bulld command to build the image and then pushes the built image into a private Docker repository that’s available to all Cloud 66 Stacks.

The built image is then pulled from this repository on all the applicable servers and managed.

Find more information on BuildGrid configuration in service.yml.

Envoironment variables in BuildGrid

You can pass environment variables into your Dockerfile during your build process (if using BuildGrid) with the $VARIABLE syntax, which will be populated with environment variable(s) set on the stack. For example let’s say you have an environment variable called MY_FOLDER with the value /path/to/myfolder. If you run the following command in your dockerfile:


Cloud 66 will change this line to:

RUN COPY FILE_FROM_REPO /path/to/myfolder

and then it starts building from the finalized dockerfile.

Build and Publish

Cloud 66 for Docker Deployments consist of 2 steps: Build and Publish. Build step involves BuildGrid to build the required Docker images from your code. Publish is a step that rolls out the built images (or the ones pre-built by you) onto your servers.

You can choose to run each of these steps separately through the BuildGrid UI or command line.

Find more information about Build and Publish configurations.