Using the Memcached Add-in (V1)

This Add-in is only available for Version 1 of Maestro, also know as CSv1. Maestro version 2 applications should implement Memcached as a service

Memcached is an open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, and it’s easy to add to your application as an add-in.

Add Memcached

To add Memcached to your application, access the add-ins menu, click Memcached and confirm the installation. This will install Memcache on your servers for use with your application - you just need to ensure that your app is configured accordingly.

Customize Memcached

To customize Memcached, use the below syntax in your manifest file and redeploy the application with Apply security upgrades option.

        shared_group: db
            memory: 1024
            port: 11215


For docker applications this will be added to the host not as a container.

Check Memcached

You can find the details about Memcached under your Settings & Information, Information tab. Since having Memcached as a separate server will not improve performance, Cloud66 will install it on each web server, not as a standalone server.