Understanding Application Private Networks


Application Private Networks (APNs) are account & application-specific virtual private networks that use WireGuard to facilitate encrypted VPN tunnels, both between servers themselves, and remotely from the development team.

The security profile of WireGuard

WireGuard uses a set of simple but powerful protocols to make the VPN connections it establishes both extremely secure and quite robust.

WireGuard has also undergone (and passed) many different formal verifications, including “Symbolic Verification of Protocol using Tamarin”, “Computational Proof of Protocol in eCK Model” and “Computational Proof of Protocol in ACCE Model”. These include checks of properties such as:

WireGuard is so well regarded that it is now included in the latest Linux kernel and will soon be bundled natively into Android OS.

Our implementation of Wireguard

Cloud 66 has scrupulously adhered to best practices in integrating WireGuard into our systems including:

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