Application Updates


Application Updates allow you to manage changes to your application’s components and supporting tools. This includes two categories:

  1. Updates to the infrastructural components of your application
  2. Updates to your Cloud 66 Dashboard or other related Cloud 66 tools

These can be the kinds of updates that could break your application if they are not tested first, or if they are done when your server resource utilisation is high (e.g. the busiest time of day or week).

Some Application Updates have a due date and will be applied automatically when that deadline is past (during the maintenance window you have specified). Alternatively they can be manually applied at the time of your choosing.

Application Updates that have already been applied or are not applicable to your application are not shown.

Using Application Updates

To see your Application Updates:

  1. Log into your Cloud 66 Dashboard
  2. Click on the app you wish to update (or check)
  3. Click on Settings & Information in the right-hand column
  4. Click on the Application Updates tab

This page lists all the updates that either:

If an Application Update has a due date we will list it here. Once that date is reached we will roll out the update automatically during your next maintenance window.

Setting a maintenance window

The default window for automatically rolling out overdue updates is Saturdays at 02:00 UTC. To set your preferred time window:

List of Application Updates

If you need more detail on an update, we have listed all the major updates below, with links out to further information. If you don’t see one or more of these options for your application, it is likely that it has already been applied.

Application Update Description Possible downtime?
Update NGINX This will install the latest supported version of NGINX . Yes if you don't have a load balancer with multiple web servers. Otherwise, no.
Enable Application Private Network An Application Private Network (APN) is an private, encrypted network running in parallel with your standard network - essentially a VPN for your application. Enabling this update will install an APN across all of your servers. (All new applications have APN installed by default.) No
Multiple Firewall Groups (AWS only) Once enabled, we will manage multiple firewall groups for each application hosted on AWS. These Security Groups are mapped to server roles, so web servers will have web rules, and DB servers will have DB rules. For more info, please read our guide to setting up access policies. No