Application Health Checks


You can instantly check the public, global availability of your application from your Cloud 66 Dashboard.

Running a check

To run a check on an application:

  1. Log into your Dashboard
  2. Click on the app you wish to check
  3. Click the Health Check link at the top of the main panel (next to your application’s name)

Health Check link

This will open a drawer from the left of the screen which will show you the results of the test.

How the tests work

We send an HTTP GET from multiple datacenter regions to your application using its Cloud 66 DNS name (

If your application redirects traffic using HTTP Redirect, we will follow the redirections up to 3 times. Your application should respond to the call within 1 second.

The datacenter regions that we check from are:

This testing uses our open source project, Watchman, a light, multi-instance service in different geographical locations that provides a full picture of a web endpoint’s general health and global accessibility.