Understanding glob patterns

What is a glob?

A glob (or “glob pattern”) is a way to specify a set of text entities (like names or tags) based on a simple wildcard pattern - a bit like a very simple regular expression. For example, if you wished to match all the entities that had the word “new” anywhere in their text, you could use the glob *new*. Or if you wanted words only starting with “new”, you could use the glob new*

Glob syntax

Globs use wildcards to match strings of text. See below for the list and explanations of each. Globs are case sensitive. Spaces are considered characters.

Wildcard Description Example Matches Does not match
* matches any number of any characters including none *New* New, reNew, or Newly Ne, newly or ew
? matches any single character ?en ten, men, len en
[abc] matches one character from the bracket [MT]en Men or Ten pen, men or MTen
[a-z] matches one character from the range given in the bracket Count[0-9] Count0, Count2 etc. Count, Count 1 or Count10