Deploying your first Prepress application

What you’ll need

Before you can deploy your app please check you have the following:

1. Choose your application type

New users will be shown the product selection wizard. For Prepress, click the Getting Started button in the block headed “Need to Deploy a Static Site?”.

Choose application type

If you’re already using Cloud 66 just click New Application → Prepress button on the dashboard.

2. Access your Git Repo

Cloud 66 supports both public and private Git repositories. If you’re using a private Git repository you’ll need to Add and approve the Cloud 66 public SSH key with your Git provider.

Click the How to link Cloud 66 with your git provider link above the main panel - this will open up a yellow box that will allow you to configure access to your git provider.

Public Repository

If your code is in a public repository, you don't need to do anything.

Private Repository

To grant access to a private Github repository, you need to add your public SSH key you see on the screen to your Github account.

Adding your Public Key to GitHub

Copy the public SSH Key (starts with ssh-rsa and ends with the email address you used to sign up) and then Click Go to GitHub. The GitHub SSH keys page will open in a new browser tab. Click the New SSH key button and paste your public key.

3. Define your application

Now click the Analyze button - the results will be displayed in a few seconds.

4. Configuring your application

Once the analysis is complete you’ll see a yellow Information box that you can use to verify the analysis is correct.

Prepress application - analysis information

If there are any problems you can make changes and click Reanalyze my code. If necessary, you can also add environment variables.

5. Choosing a deployment target

If you’re deploying for the first time you need to add your Cloud provider credentials.

At the moment Prepress only supports S3 from Amazon Web Services. To add your AWS account:

  1. Click the Add Cloud Provider button
  2. Paste in the AWS Access key ID & AWS Secret Access Key (see below for how to generate these)
  3. Give your deployment target a name (this makes it easier to distinguish between multiple accounts)
  4. Click Add Cloud Provider
  5. Choose the region in which you want to host your app

Setting up cloud & access keys on AWS S3

  1. Log into the web interface for your AWS account
  2. Click on the name of your account in the top right corner of your AWS account, and select My Security Credentials.
  3. Click Access keys in the accordion to open the panel
  4. Click Create New Access key
  5. Either download the key file or click Show access key and take note of your access key ID and secret access key. These are the credentials needed for Cloud 66 to access your account.

This gives Cloud 66 root access to your account. If you’d prefer to restrict access to the minimum needed, we suggest using Amazon’s IAM. Please read our full guide on setting up AWS for more info.

6. Deploy your app

Now everything is ready to go, hit the Deploy site button.

During the build and deployment process you can view the log to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Deploying Prepress application

What’s Next?