Understanding Build Minutes

What are Build Minutes?

BuildGrid is Prepress’s integrated application builder. Whenever you build your application from source code you make use of a metered resource called Build Minutes.

Calculating Build Minutes

Usage of Build Minutes is calculated by measuring the exact time (to the nearest second) that it takes for your application(s) to build from code.

All other actions and functions do not consume BuildGrid minutes. This includes:

Monthly Build Minutes

Each Prepress account has a quota of Build Minutes included which refreshes each month. The number of Minutes available depends on the kind of account you have:

Build Minute overages

All paid accounts can exceed their monthly quota of Build Minutes. You will be charged for overages based on the following formula:

(number of build minutes) x $0.005

So, for example, 4 extra hours of Build time would cost $1.20 (240 mins x half a cent per minute = $1.20).

Rounding up during billing

At the end of each billing period we add up all overages and then round up to the nearest dollar.