Configuring DNS with Prepress


Cloud 66 creates unique DNS hostnames for each site you deploy with Prepress. These are based on the name and environment of your site. For example:

You can point your own (custom) domain at your Prepress application but, because Prepress uses object storage rather than standard web servers, its domain setup is different from a standard web application.

In order to use a custom domain you need to verify that you own the domain and update your DNS with specific records. Follow the steps below and you will be up and running in minutes.


We automatically enable SSL on your domain when we set up your DNS. We will also automatically redirect any visits to HTTP to HTTPS.

What you’ll need

Before you start, please check you have the following:

Setting up a Custom Domain

To set up a custom domain for your Prepress app:

  1. Log into your Cloud 66 dashboard and click on the app
  2. Click Settings & Information in the right-hand column
  3. Click the Add a Custom Domain link in the main panel
  4. Enter the full custom domain you want to use and click SAVE
  5. Add the two CNAME records to your DNS records
  6. Click the Done, I’ve Updated My DNS records button

It may take some time for your DNS records to propagate (this can take up to 24 hours), so you can also wait a few hours and try again. Come back to the page above and click the Verify button to retry the confirmation process.

When the process is complete, a green tick and the word “verified” will appear below your Custom Domain in the main Settings panel.

What’s next?