How to delete your Physical Servers

By default, Cloud66 will not delete servers and other objects created in your cloud after you delete the application. However, you can change this setting.

If you go to the Settings & Information page and select Remove physical servers when a Cloud66 server is deleted?, then when you delete a server, load balancer, or even a whole application, related objects in the cloud will be deleted as well.


Physical server deletion is not instant; it can currently take up to 24 hours for the removal to occur.

Cloud66 creates different objects depending on which cloud provider you use. For some clouds, Cloud66 creates items at the account level (such as the SSH key for the Packet cloud), which will not be deleted after application deletion. You should clear them manually if you don’t need them for other applications anymore.

Here is the list of items (Deleted/Not Deleted) depending on the cloud:


Deleted: Instances, Load Balancers, Security Groups, Key Pairs


Deleted: Servers, Load Balancers, Block storage volumes


Deleted: Servers, SSH Keys


Deleted: VM Instances, Disks, Forwarding Rules, Target Pools

Not Deleted: Firewall Rules


Deleted: Servers, NodeBalancers


Deleted: Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Storage, Traffic Manager

Not Deleted: Networks


Deleted: Devices, Projects

Not Deleted: SSH Keys