Deployment profiles

What are deployment profiles?

Deployment profiles enable you to customise the deployment process for your application depending on the situation. For example, you may only want to deploy your front-end servers, and leave your databases undisturbed. Rather than manually setting this up each time you need it, you can save these settings as a profile.

Option for deployment profiles

Deployment Strategy

For more information on how these strategies work, please read our detailed guide to deployment strategies.

Database migration

You can choose whether or not to run database migrations as part of deployments that use this profile. Read our database management guide for more info.


You can choose to upgrade the components and packages that your servers are using as part of a deployment.

This is quite likely to result in some downtime. We strongly recommend reading our guide to the subject before doing this.

Calling a deployment profile via a redeployment hook

Redeployment hooks allow you to initiate a deployment simply by calling a URI. These hooks can be combined with deployment profiles to completely automate the deployment pipeline. Read our how-to guide on redeployment hooks for details on how to achieve this.