Adding a failover group


A Failover Group is a managed quick response DNS address that automatically follows your application’s web endpoints.

You can connect up to two instances of an application at any time - a primary and a backup. Should you need to switch traffic between your instances, simply flip the switch and your traffic will flow to the backup application within 5 minutes.

Adding a failover group

To view your failover groups, click the Failover Groups link on your Dashboard page. To add a new failover group, click the + button:

You are then be able to select a Primary and a Backup application for your failover group. Once you have a failover group, add a CNAME record in your DNS provider dashboard that points at the address provided.

Requirements and limits

Environment variables

There is an environment variable called FAILOVER_STATUS with three different values:

This variable allows you to configure notifications and other jobs on both applications that will only run for the app that is currently online.

What’s next?