Adding a load balancer


A load balancer is used to distribute traffic across your web servers, and offers benefits such as maximizing throughput, minimizing response times and avoiding overload on any single server.

Cloud 66 for Rails supports and integrates native cloud load balancers - in other words those provisioned directly by the cloud providers. It is still possible to set up a load balancer manually, but this is not integrated into the workflow of the dashboard as described below.

Adding a load balancer

To add a load balancer to your application:

  1. Open the Application Overview from your Dashboard
  2. Click the Explore Add-ins link in the Add-Ins panel (or the green + if you have existing add-ins)
  3. Find the Load Balancer block and click Install Now
  4. Follow the instructions on the panel that pops up (it will differ depending on your cloud provider) and then click Add Load Balancer

Your load balancer will now be configured and all your existing web servers will automatically be added to it.


This feature is only available if you have deployed using a cloud vendor, and for non-development applications.

Load balancers by cloud provider

Depending on which cloud provider you use, this load balancer will be set up differently:

The time required to set up your load balancer will depend on which cloud provider you use.

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